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    Strong Arm Bindery is a bookbinding studio located in the east end of Portland, Maine. We repair and restore old, well-loved books. We also build boxes to protect them. And we design and build our own line of stationery pieces. We do alot of printing; hot-stamp, letterpress, screen and off-set printing---all here on our own machines. At Strong Arm we have a loose and fruitful association between 3, sometimes 4, of us. Our work is mighty and useful.


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March 21, 2008


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Cousin John

I don't know what egg-glaire spots are, but I hope you are successful in eradicating them from the fortress of solitude.

martha kearsley

So far I've fended them off, but no doubt they'll keep coming back...Stay tuned, Cousin John. You'll find out what egg-glaire is soon enough!


I'm catching up on posts from a while back...but, having just finished an unfortunately speedy project with enough similar components, I feel confident in admitting to the completely nerdy LOL I just did thinking about "humidity, nose-breathing and how much oil is in my hair." Thanks for sharing all this work - you've documented the process really well, and I'm enjoying reading about it!

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