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    Strong Arm Bindery is a bookbinding studio located in the east end of Portland, Maine. We repair and restore old, well-loved books. We also build boxes to protect them. And we design and build our own line of stationery pieces. We do alot of printing; hot-stamp, letterpress, screen and off-set printing---all here on our own machines. At Strong Arm we have a loose and fruitful association between 3, sometimes 4, of us. Our work is mighty and useful.


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May 01, 2009


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jen j-m

that's so very exciting!


Fantastic! You'll definitely have to post your first prints!

martha kearsley

Thanks you guys! It is very exciting after all this time, and I will definitely post our first big (smudgy) effort.


And people wonder why women live longer than men? Look at that guy with his head firmly under the large metal object being supported by the 1" top of a bottle jack on wooden blocks. Yep, we're proud of that guy.

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